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 Sarah Searle, Chair

Sarah is a Lovettsville-raised public health professional. Her other interests include food and wine, gardening, cooking, and writing, which she combines by contributing to print and web publications. She holds degrees in politics and public health. Being raised in Western Loudoun has given Sarah a deep appreciation for and dedication to preserving rural heritage and supporting our local economy. Joining the Co-op was one of the first things she did when (after living in DC, Baltimore, and sub-Saharan Africa) she returned to Lovettsville. 

Karen Hignite, Treasurer

Karen has lived in Lovettsville since 2000.  She recently retired after 23 years with the National Wildlife Federation.  She began her career working for a series of Congress members doing casework and legislative research.  She moved into the consulting arena working for branches of the military doing IT systems analysis. Karen has managed to grow vegetables & flowers on the rooftop of her apartment on Capitol Hill, various townhouse backyards, and community gardens.  She loves to shop farmers’ markets and find new ways to cook whatever she finds.  Karen has BAs in French & Linguistics from Penn State and an MS in International Business from the American University.

Michelle McIntyre, Membership Committee Chair

A home-schooling mother of seven, Michelle is also an entrepreneur, owner of Dinner Belle Catering, and a self-proclaimed “foodie” who strongly values delicious and healthy meals for her family and clients. She has been actively involved with food cooperatives and buying clubs for more than 15 years. She believes the Co-op will greatly ease her shopping challenges and enrich the life of the community. Michelle holds degrees in elementary and special education, she has been a resident of Lovettsville since 1997. Michelle has been part of LCM since inception and has served as treasurer, membership committee chair, and board chair.

Ellis Burruss, Vice-Chair

Ellis graduated from the University of MD with a B.A. in English (and a minor in organic chemistry). He has lived in Brunswick for the past 34 years.  He actively participates in Brunswick Main Street and Community Garden activities. He is currently on the Brunswick City Council and an active proponent of the Lovettsville/Brunswick Potomac Partnership. He is also currently serving on the board of directors of the Greater Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce. He has been shopping at the Common Market in Frederick for over thirty years. 

Jenny Carpineta, Secretary

Jenny is a stay at home mom of 3. She home schools her two oldest and hopes to pass on a love of gardening that she got from her parents who at one point grew everything they ate. She lived in Prince George’s County for a few years working on a degree in Geology from UMD, but then moved back to the area to raise a family with her husband Gary. During the warmer months she can usually be found outside messing with her gardens or playing the banjo. Jenny is excited to be a part of Lovettsville Co-op, and greatly looks forward to the opening of the storefront.

Glenn Willard

Glenn is originally from Michigan and now lives in Lovettsville. He has been married for 34 years, and has 12 children and eight grandchildren. He has practiced political law at Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP in Washington, DC since 2003, and was previously counsel to a commissioner on the Federal Election Commission.

He strongly believes in the cooperative business model, seeing in cooperatives the potential for them to be, as Pope Francis said, a "healing economy in the insidious sea of the global economy. A true economy supported by people who have only the common good in their heart and mind.” Specifically, he sees the Lovettsville Cooperative Market as a communitarian alternative to the chain store business model, a means by which all can participate in a fair, humane, local and sustainable economy. 

Pamela Baldwin

Pamela Lane Baldwin is a retired Foreign Service Officer with USAID.  She and her husband, Malcolm Baldwin (who is retired from a career in U.S. and international environmental law and policy) operate WeatherLea Farm & Vineyard, where they grow wine grapes, raise sheep, host weddings and operate two B&B farmstay cottages.  She has been involved in the Lovettsville Co-op since its first organizing meeting in 2010, held in the WeatherLea Farm barn.


John DeSaix

John DeSaix and his wife, Suzanne moved to a small farm outside Lovettsville in 1988 to enjoy the rural life.  Since moving here, they have converted much of the property to forest and conservation fields, and have kept an organic vegetable garden that doubles as a deer / rabbit feeding station.   John is now retired, having spent most his career working for NASD, the securities industry regulator, and Nasdaq.  His work experience has included systems development, financial analysis and strategic planning.

Prior to joining the Board, John was a pro bono consultant to the Lovettsville Co-op, facilitating the development of the mission and vision statements and assisting with overall planning and financial analysis.  “The pro bono work with the Co-op made me realize that starting a food co-op is so much more than opening a store.  It’s about delivering good food to our neighbors, supporting local producers and contributing to our local economy.  It really is about serving the community, squircle and all.”