Images Release Policy

LCM takes photos at many functions. If you object to the publication of your image, please contact Prior to the publication of images of minors, we will seek out written permission from their parent/guardian.


Board Meetings/Member Attendance

If a member wishes to speak at a meeting of the Board of Directors, he or she is encouraged to talk with a Board member at least 5 days before a board meeting so that adequate meeting time will be scheduled. The Board member contacted will notify the Board Chair within 24 hours of contact. The opportunity to speak occurs during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. At this time, the member may speak on any matter that he or she wishes to  bring to the Board's attention. The Board will listen to the speaker, usually without making comments or answering questions. The Board may elect to respond to comments by directing further communications through a board member or by placing the topic on a future board meeting agenda. No person should speak for more than 5 minutes, unless the time limit is waived by the Board Chair. When there is a large number of speakers, the Board Chair may limit the total time devoted to any single topic. The guest speaker shall leave after the Public Comment portion concludes.